Meet Mary Ellen Mahoney

bio4Talk about culture shock. One minute you’re on Long Island, less than an hour from the excitement and wall-to-wall crowds of the Big Apple. Next minute you’re in Charles Town, West Virginia, where 42nd Street gives way to the Shenandoah Valley. It’s a little different out here, no matter where you’re from. That’s something Mary Ellen Mahoney will swear to.

It’s not that Mary Ellen hadn’t traveled before. She’s been all over the world, from Ireland to Israel to the Caribbean. But when she and her husband moved from New York to West Virginia, she discovered there was more to life than suburban sprawl and taxicabs. At first, the adjustment to life in Charles Town was rough, but Mary Ellen grew to appreciate the slower pace and the one-to-one dealings with people who actually took the time to have a real conversation. “Now, if we have ten cars on the road in front of us,” she says, “that’s a traffic jam. It’s wonderful.”

bio5These days Mary Ellen breathes in the clean air and enjoys the gorgeous sights of nature that surround her. She also works to help people buy and sell homes as a real estate professional. Her commute to her former health care job was impossible, so she sought a new career in real estate. It was a great decision. In real estate, Mary Ellen’s talents for communicating, problem solving and making people feel cared for are a natural. In essence, she makes people feel at home.

The Charles Town area attracts more than its share of busy people from the D. C. area, each looking for the best from their lifestyles. Mary Ellen is there not only for area residents, but for people looking for something a little better. Mary Ellen’s always looking for something better herself, “chasing that rainbow,” as she calls it. Using her computer skills, her knowledge of the real estate market, and her drive for excellence, she can help you find your rainbow as well.

bio7It’s been quite a journey for Mary Ellen Mahoney, from city sprawl to country charm. But it’s been rewarding, too. Shouldn’t your West Virginia real estate journey be as rewarding? Call or e-mail Mary Ellen today. Sit a while. Enjoy a long, relaxed conversation. Let Mary Ellen show you how she can make you feel right at home.